Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Bighorn

Another fantastic trip on the Little Bighorn!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Guest Fisherman: Matt Terrificinnaman

Here is my brother, Matt's fish he pulled from Henry's lake a few weeks ago. It just goes to prove that he is THE KING. Look at how fat it is! Only Matt could pull something like that out of the water. If only the rest of us were as talented.

I hear that Gabe didn't do so bad last week either, but he'll have to send me proof before we'll tout his fishing skills. Proof, baby. Give me proof.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ode to Hannah

She is the new big thing, the new "black". It's Hannah, the amazing fisherwoman. For a kid who thought fishing was stupid until Wednesday, she's made great progress. I love this gal. She wouldn't come in Thursday from fishing. Mom had to DRAG her off the lake with comments like, "Just one more cast". Ahhh, like mother like daughter. I just knew down deep I would have one child take to the waters.

Here is her sunrise 6:00 a.m. fish, another one in between, and her sunset fishing photo. A day of bliss. Interspersed with Gin Rummy and Hearts on the beach of course.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Favorite Fishing Photos

This was a HUGE fish and it made me so happy. It was after a long day of fishing and I'd given up hope. Look what the cat drug in when you least expected it.

This one is special because Jasmine is so intent on learning and I've having so much fun teaching her about fishing.

This one is great because it's the first time Kevin figured out the joy of flyfishing. We were in a downpour, but he had on the biggest fish he'd ever caught--a real New Zealand trophy.

This cracks me up. I was FREEZING to death on Strawberry and had to fish completely covered up. We were catching fish every few minutes so there wasn't a part of me that wasn't cold.

This one captures what I love most about fishing. It's just me and the great outdoors. Who cares if you catch a fish? This is Argentina, my favorite place on the planet.

Lastly, this one is great because it's such rare footage. Mom and I flyfishing. I can't get her to come very often. This was one of the few times she made the trek. Good job mom.

Ode to Dazy, the Fishing Dog

Ode to Dazy, the best fishing dog on the planet. I thought she was deserving of some space. She's endured many a long fishing day, a few hooks caught in her ear or lip, and more than one snake scare. She makes it fun. My best little fishing buddy ever.
She's come a long way from the first time I took her and she chased the ducks in the fishing water. Now she's SUPERDOG. Stays to the left to stay out of casting, never walks ahead of me, and never gets bored (as far as I can tell).

Estes Park Fishing

Estes Park...what do I say? Is it more about the great hiking or the high mountain fishing? Both are great. It's not for big fish, but it's the only place you can catch the Rocky Mountain Greenback. You just have to committ to about a 5 mile straight uphill hike first, and then be willing to jump over boulders in a ravine to get to the fish. Small price to pay.

I guess you could hike to the high mountain glacier lakes. It's a little more relaxing once you get there. Just lay on a rock, read a book and throw in a line. I know...mamby pamby if you are a die hard fly fisherman. But a nice change of pace once in awhile.

Fishing at the Secret Spot

Don't even try to get out of me where this place is. It's my private getaway, my sanctuary. But little sis got to check it out and we had a blast! She's still figuring the whole cast thing out, but it was good enough to get her these beauties.